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Body Trust™ Women's Wellness Circle

  • Unity of Madison 601 Tompkins Drive Madison, WI, 53716 United States (map)


Meets each Tuesday, 7pm-9pm for 14 Weeks!

Dear Sisters ~

Are you frustrated and tired of trying to control your body, your food, yourself?

How many years -or decades- have you struggled to make/keep yourself smaller and more societally acceptable?

Maybe you’ve put off living, traveling, going for that job, that relationship, that style until you can wrestle your body into shape. Maybe you’ve even felt that your body was disgusting, broken, not even part of you.
It’s painful. 

👉   Here’s the thing - YOU haven’t failed. All those plans you’ve tried failed you.

What if you could: 

  • End the life zapping cycle of dieting, regain, and shame

  • Heal your relationship food and your body

  • Calm your inner critic

  • Learn to listen to your inherent wisdom, while learning to trust yourself and your body

  • Feel passionately connected to your life

There is another way: It’s called Body Trust™ and I want to share it with you. 

Body Trust™ is a radical re-envisioning of what it means to take care of your body. It is re-learning to hear your body’s wisdom above the clang of cultural expectations and demands. It is reclaiming that which is your birth right: a reclamation of pleasure, knowing, wanting, listening. It is a homecoming to the innate wisdom of your own embodied experience. It is liberating and healing.

How would it feel to be part of a circle of women supporting one another on this healing path? A community that would hold and support your journey, honoring and celebrating the wholeness that you are - physically, emotionally and spiritually.  

Let’s take a deep dive into Body Trust™ together. Let’s explore the joy and liberation of best practices in weight-neutral self care; of intuitive, competent eating; of self compassion and resilience; of healing body shame; of joyful movement; of pleasure; of our own stories.

You, yes you, are worthy of love, dignity and respect right now! You can stop putting your life dreams, a job, a relationship, a vacation, that cool outfit, etc on hold until you’re in the “right” body. The world needs YOU, now more than ever. It needs your authentic brilliance, your dreams, your gifts. Your healing is intimately connected with planetary healing.

If this is ringing a bell for you, please consider yourself invited to join our 14 week Body Trust Wellness circle. But please don’t wait. I will intentionally limit the number of registrants to support a brave and safe container for all.

Investment $378

Email, or call Linda at (608)764-9819 

for a registration form and payment

Linda has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from UW-Madison. She also has training and certifications in: Spiritual Development, Holistic Health Coaching, Dynamic Eating Psychology, and Body Trust. Her passion is helping women develop a peaceful, trusting relationship with their bodies, food, and eating. Her practice is informed by Health At Every Size (HAES), Intuitive Eating, shame resilience, social justice, and self compassion.

Takeaways from participants at a recent Body Trust™ Retreat

Takeaways from participants at a recent Body Trust™ Retreat